Book Review-Nicholas Sparks’ Two by Two

It’s been terribly long. A month maybe? I got done with my papers around 10 days ago, and finally have time for some guilt-free binging on TV Shows and books. Anyone else re-watching FRIENDS for the third time? 
I just finished reading Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks, two nights ago. Anyone who sits around me in class would’ve seen me clutching onto this book for over two months. I was just immersed in assignments or maybe it was a reader’s block. Anyway, I managed to get through and here is a book review! 
If you’re the kind that has no control over their tears, you’d better have a tissue box(es) close by or make a strategic choice for your reading spot. I don’t usually cry, but this book had me holding back tears. Although Sparks is all about Romance, this book was more than that. It revolves around the bond between the protagonist Russel, with Marge, his sister; London, his daughter; Vivian, his ex-wife and Emily, his re-kindled love and the roles they play as Russel goes through life’s challenges. It was beautifully written with every page leaving you fixated on the story. The book was centered around the father-daughter relation, decrypting the soft corner for his daughter in his sturdy exteriors. And how London, his six year old was the primary reason he kept going through the abyss of chaos and confusion. 

I personally loved the manner the book touches on the relation between an elder sister and her brother and how it was portrayed. Amidst all the taunting and fights, there lies an unbreakable bond. 
This book was a gift from a friend, and I am so thankful for it! Thank you so much Yazad!
I would rate the book a 4.5 on 5 and definitely recommend this to anyone ready for an emotional rollercoaster. 

Lots and lots of love, 



Summer Haul!- Lifestyle, Mustard, Westside

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re having an amazing Easter! It’s Sunday and I’m home! Naturally I did some shopping for the summers. 

I firstly got these tees from Lifestyle. If you’re at uni, you’ll know the struggle to have pieces that’ll go with almost anything you pick out of your closet. The basic tees, and good denim are a staple. 

So, here’s what I got! 

I was, in particular all eyes for some good palazzos or some boot-cut trousers . And I was immensely happy with what I managed to buy. Again from Lifestyle. 

I got another navy blue boot-cut trouser from Mustard, which I already wore and is in the laundry at the moment! 

I also bought this lovely bracelet from Mustard. It screams summer and I absolutely love the colours on it! You could count on it to make any outfit pop, and that’s what exactly what I needed. 

I also got some kurtis from Westside, that I could pair with 3/4 leggings. 

That’s all that I got this time! I can’t wait to wear these! 
Happy Easter Guys! Hope you have  a wonderful day. 

Lots and lots of love,