Weekend Shenanigans

 And so, we had a weekend to ourselves. We weren’t completely free off uni load, but the submissions were comfortably far away. I decided to ring a good friend of mine of about 8 years now. Luckily, she stays only 30 minutes away from where my University is located. I can’t describe how excited I was. I was almost counting down the days left to meet her, at the same time consciously pressing down the excitement levels. I had this eerie feeling that she would bail out. 

Fortunately, nothing of that sort happened. Unfortunately and Fortunately, two girls skipping off to Delhi sounded like a risky business to my mom in Saudi Arabia. She had recently heard of a kidnapping, and other related crimes were not unheard in Delhi. I frowned on hearing her words. I had no argument in place. I finally spoke to her about getting my guy friend along. She agreed.

I realized then that I’m never completely and appropriately dressed without a guy by my side. No matter how much skin I’m showing, no matter what moves I’ve kept at the back of my head to fight back, no matter how prepared I am. 

 I brushed my mind off the disturbing thought and fueled my excitement by looking through eateries my roommate had suggested. 

The Saturday had arrived! I already had an outfit in mind. I paired a printed tee tucked underneath my boyfriend jeans. I added a black belt and sneakers, straightened my hair and we were off! 

We had the most amazing time. If you’re from Delhi, or are planning a trip to Delhi, Gulati Restaurant at Pandara Road is a must-try. As I had read on their wall of fame, “It’s a sin to come to Gulati and not have their world-famous Butter Chicken”. I had eaten way beyond my capacity, thanks to my friend who set up a food challenge. I lost miserably. I should have worn something loose. Something without a belt, perhaps. 

But being the foodie that I am, we went off for some ice-creams to Giani’s. I had a mango flavored ice cream with chocolate sauce and some nuts to top. We clicked a couple of pictures and boomerangs, and were off. Check out my Instagram for updates! *yay for self advertising* It’s under the username damysticalpanda btw. 
We had over an hour to kill, and so we decided to walk around Khan Market. But because of my about-to-tear tummy, I found it difficult to walk around. We decided to head back to campus and cancelled the Khan Market plan. 
I had crashed the moment I reached my room. I remember my room being an absolute mess, when I left. But I let the borderline clean-freak self let loose and drift off to sleep. It had been one hell of a day. 
Thank you so much for 500 views. It truly means a lot to me. See you all next Friday! 
Lots and lots of love,


Summer Haul!- Lifestyle, Mustard, Westside

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re having an amazing Easter! It’s Sunday and I’m home! Naturally I did some shopping for the summers. 

I firstly got these tees from Lifestyle. If you’re at uni, you’ll know the struggle to have pieces that’ll go with almost anything you pick out of your closet. The basic tees, and good denim are a staple. 

So, here’s what I got! 

I was, in particular all eyes for some good palazzos or some boot-cut trousers . And I was immensely happy with what I managed to buy. Again from Lifestyle. 

I got another navy blue boot-cut trouser from Mustard, which I already wore and is in the laundry at the moment! 

I also bought this lovely bracelet from Mustard. It screams summer and I absolutely love the colours on it! You could count on it to make any outfit pop, and that’s what exactly what I needed. 

I also got some kurtis from Westside, that I could pair with 3/4 leggings. 

That’s all that I got this time! I can’t wait to wear these! 
Happy Easter Guys! Hope you have  a wonderful day. 

Lots and lots of love, 


March 17′ Fabbag Review!

Hey Everyone! I’m going HOME day after and I cannot contain my excitement! I just got done with a Math exam in the morning and am free until Friday. It’s been really hectic and I’m currently at the bistro in my college ordering some good food to go with the show I’m planning to watch to celebrate.
Anyway , I finally received my March Fab bag, and I was incredibly happy with the products I received. 
The pouch is in this dark shade of brown and looks lovely!

Inside were the following things 

I’ve already tried out the Matte nail paint from Sugar and I’m in love with the colour! It’s in the shade 26- Beat the Blues.

I’ve tried the foot cream from Iba Halal as well, it smells really good and leaves your feet feeling thoroughly moisturized. 

The sunscreen from Ayorma has an SPF 40 

We had an option to choose our lipstick , and so I chose this really deep red colour in the shade 09 from Seduction. 

 I also received a Vitamin-E enriched roll on. Vitamin E is really good for the skin and the roller makes the application really simple. 

The shower gel from Moha smells heavenly and is a treat in the mornings. 

More updates on the products later! 

Lots and lots of love, 


April Goals

Hey Everyone! Let’s all firstly give ourselves a pat on the back for getting through the week! I don’t know about you, but mine’s been hectic. And I’m so relieved to be done with it. 
So, here I am with my to do list for April! 
1. Books
I’ve only read around 5 pages of the book, and I can already tell that I’m going to love it! If you’ve read it, let me know your thoughts on it! 

2. Movies 

Disclaimer- I don’t watch movies.

 Do not judge me when I say I haven’t watched La La Land as yet. As yet, because I’m planning on watching it this April along with the Movie Moana. Yes, I haven’t watched it either. I can see you scowling now. Stop it!
3. Lifestyle-I’ve recently attempted having Yoga as part of my morning routine, but that’s difficult when you’re a college student who puts off work until it’s almost impossible to finish it. I’ve been partly successful though. I’m also planning on running. That’s actually on my list for today. Check out my twitter account later during the day, if I did run. I know I’ll be terrible. The only marathons I participate in involve me, my laptop and my pizza with a side of coke and choco lava cake. Shoot me a hi5 if you can relate.

4. I also wish to explore Delhi more often and of course take you guys along though the blog! I might be off tomorrow. Updates on twitter!
I also hope to reach 50 followers by the end of this month. Show me some love and join my fellow pandas? 
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Lots and lots of love,


Blogger Collab! – Going Solo 

Hey Guys! Hope you’re having a lovely week! ✨

For this post, I’ve collaborated  with a lovely blogger, Ashanti, whose blog is all about Self love and positivity! She’s doing an amazing job! Go show her some love!

We decided to club our passions together and decided to do a travel themed post. Here’s mine, you can find hers on her blog. She’s written about the benefits of traveling solo.


Pick an auto driver who’s old and not evil looking. These were my thoughts as I stepped out my door, rechecking my phone battery, which was at 78%. I had dressed ‘appropriately’ for my first solo travel, had my bottle of water and the directions to my destination, which was a bookstore named Blossoms.( Let me know if you’ve been here!)

The stop was almost a 90 minute drive, from my location. I hopped onto an auto that met my requirements and proceeded towards the bus stop. Google maps isn’t as accurate as it seems. Apparently google gave me an incorrect bus number. But as I enquired around to confirm, i learned the lady in the green sari was right. Google was wrong. Not everyone’s evil, I told myself.

I looked past the window, at the school buses whizzing past. It was 4pm. the passengers along with me were all submerged in their thoughts or enjoying their music or both. Until this moment, I never really understood how it was to be left alone with your thoughts.

And to have your day in your control. I could have changed my destination and decide to have dinner too! I could’ve gone shopping. It felt great, this rush of independence. I decided to tone my excitement and over-ambitiousness down and head to the book store I had planned to visit.

I’d already learned so much about my city! I figured a better and a shorter route to the store, I realized how essential it is to have exact amount of cash on you for your bus travel, and I cannot stress enough on how essential your phone battery and water is. My dad always paid for me, when we traveled, I just tagged along paying no attention to absolutely anything. I couldn’t afford to, right now. I had to pay close attention to when my stop would arrive.

I reached my destination.

My adventure had come to an end. But I still had to reach home. I smiled in anticipation.
Do let me know of your solo travelogues!
Lots and lots of love,


Product Review- Himalaya’s Almond- cucumber Peel-off mask

Hey Everyone! Hope y’all are having a great week!

The summers are officially back in Sonepat, with snapcaps making a comeback. Along with gulping water every 10 minutes to soothe your senses, a cooling face mask can do wonders!

So here I am, with another product review! I’ve been using this product for a good 4 months now, with increased usage now, thanks to the scorching heat.

The mask, with almond, cucumber, Indian Gooseberry and pineapple cools your skin instantly.  The consistency of the mask is  really thick and it doesn’t have the best of fragrances, but this is a rather bitsy concern.

The peel nourishes and rejuvenates , leaving behind a  healthy and glowing skin. It instantly energizes your face making it look fresh and toned. It definitely works on blemishes and does not irritate or burn, making it perfect for all skin types.

The cooling effect makes it a perfect product to pamper your skin with in this heat.

Product Rating- 3/5

Also, thank you so much for the love and support! We’ve reached a 100+ likes! * Confetti blasts* And as tiny as it may sound it definitely made my day!


Lots and lots of love,


The Blue Sky Tag!

Currently having one of those Saturdays with lots to do but having absolutely no motivation.

Summers are back! Not spring,no. We don’t do Spring here in Sonepat.

So, I was tagged by the beautiful Oriana to do the Blue Sky Tag, and it was one of the highlights of my week! This is my first nomination and quite obviously, I was thrilled! Thank you so much, Oriana!

The rules of the tag were as follows-

1.Answer the 11 questions

2. Ask 11 questions

3. Nominate 11 other bloggers to do the same

Here are my answers to Oriana’s questions-

Q1. Who’s your inspiration in life?

My inspiration would have to be my Dad! I’ve learnt so much from him, most importantly the beauty in simplicity and being humble. He’s battled through the struggles of life all with a smile and never let them effect our family.

Q2. Do you enjoy or avoid the company of other people?

I am an introvert and I love being on my own! There’s a tiny bunch that I love being around though.

Q3. In which temporal period would you rather live: past, present or future

The Past! Ever listened to stories of your grandmother’s life and the simplicity of life back then and wanted to be a part of it? Let me know!

Q4. Any favorite song lately?

I absolutely love “Rockabye” by the Clean Bandits!

Q5. How many children would you like to have? ( Or maybe you don’t want children?)

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know that I’m not exactly a fan of kids. So, maybe none. If dogs count as children, 4.

Q6. Quantity or Quality

Quality. Better having the best one, than 4 average ones.

Q7. Which language with a different alphabet than yours would you like to learn?

I would love to learn Arabic! I think it’s a beautiful language and although I’ve stayed in Saudi Arabia long enough to converse beautifully, I can barely recite the alphabets!

Q.8 Did you have a weird habit as a child?

Apparently I always began my numbers from 2, and never from 1!

Q.9 What is the worst thing you ever did?

I don’t recall any such incident.

Q.10 What keeps you motivated?

I always think of the results if I complete a task and about how much I want to achieve them!

Q.11 Any favorite beauty product?

I’m loving my Cover Girl Lipstick at the moment. I’ve only started wearing red lips and I’m loving them!

Here are my nominees!

  1. Gia Morina
  2. MissFoodieFiesta
  3. Avant -Garde
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  6. Bella XO
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  9. A small wardrobe
  10. Roti Kapda aur Blog
  11. EmmaChxrlotte


Here are my questions!

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What’s your favorite travel destination?
  3. Who do you go to when you feel low?
  4. What’s your favorite TV Show?
  5. Straight hair or curly?
  6. What’s the one thing you love about your Best friend? Try sticking to one!
  7. What’s your go-to summer outfit?
  8. What are the things you would not leave your house without?
  9. What’s the dish you specialise in? Or can you even cook?
  10. Pizza or Burger?
  11.  Are you a Morning person or a  Night owl?

I’m excited to see your responses!


Stay happy and Take care!

Lots and lots of love,


Tag: 5 Things I love about my life 

Currently in my Organizational Behaviour and Development class. We were discussing about Decision Making in organizations before I drifted off into my thoughts. Yesterday, 20th March, 2017 was International Day for Happiness. It’s wonderful that there’s a day celebrating happiness, promoting positivity and self love. Not a lot of us understand how essential such initiatives are. Happiness isn’t a gift received by all. Some of us face acute anxiety issues. Some of us are battling suicidal thoughts. Some of us have constant breakdowns. And it’s saddening that these sentiments are on the rise. 
On this occasion, I’m going to do my part and spread positivity and self-love. Here’s a tag that I’m creating to promote self-love. It’s the “5 things I love about my life”. I hope it helps you realize and focus on the happier parts of life 
Here’s mine! 
1. I am grateful for such an amazing and a supportive family 
2. I love the fact that I’m a law student 
3. I love that I always make time for myself
4. I’m grateful for the love from my friends 
5. I love the fact that I’m brutally honest and loyal. 

I tag all of you to go ahead and do the same! 

No effort, no matter how small goes wasted. Your efforts could save lives. 
I encourage all of you, to take steps to make the world a happier and a more supportive place to be in. 

Lots and lots of love,

Product Review: Kaya Skin Care

My skin type is a combination of super dry on certain areas of my face and normal on the rest of my face. Not dry, super dry. So dry, that I get white flakes on my eyelids and under my nose if I don’t use a moisturizer a couple of times a day. And that’s not something i’d want, considering I’m a college student.

I was prescribed the Kaya Skin Care Purifying Nourisher and the Overnight Regenerating Nourisher, as a solution.

I’ve been using it for around 3 months now, and here’s my review.
Can we please take a moment and appreciate the containers?  They are by far the prettiest skin care products I own. 

I apply the Purifying Nourisher after a bath in the morning, and sometimes on my cleansed face around 5 pm before class. 

It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and fresh. It’s very light on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all. 

And no, it doesn’t look like you’ve dipped yourself in oil. That’s what quite a few of the moisturizers assist in. 
I apply the Overnight Regenerating Nourisher before bed and this has worked wonders as well! You wake up to nourished and pampered skin. Again, not heavy on the skin at all. It gives you a healthy glow and cools your skin. Loving the product!
My skin problem has vanished almost completely now,and it’s been only almost 3 months. Definitely one of my must-have products at the moment. 

If any of you face similar issues do give this a shot and let me know what you think of it!
Also, I’m collaborating with a lovely blogger for my next post. Watch out!
Lots and lots of love, 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

This picture was taken from the balcony of my dorm room. I understand it’s nothing fancy. But what I also understand is that this view shall be missed when I graduate. I come stare at this view, trying to make peace with situations ;planning my day; planning my outfit; planning what to eat, (almost every hour or so). It’s beautiful to wake up to, at least for a hosteller. Not the most beautiful, though. That would be a 80%+ attendance in your morning classes. 

Here’s the picture! 

Lots and lots of love,