Book Review- Ashraf Haggag’s “Legends over Generations”

Happy Holi everyone!

If I remember correctly, last year this time I’d posted a blog about me locking myself up in my room in fear of being smothered with colours or the other substitutes. I’m speaking mud, water, eggs, coke.

This year, I decided to play Holi. I was stinking when I came back to my room, and probably sprained my toe, but no regrets. How did you celebrate your Holi?

Ashraf Haggag’s ‘Legends over Generations’ was the book of choice this week. Here’s what I thought about it! Thank you Vinfluencers for sending this to me!

The book compiles stories of legends in the fields of Art, Literature, Science, Human Rights and Politics. The stories give a glimpse into their youth and personal life, their peaks and lows.

The quotes at the end of every section of a legend were my favourite parts.

I especially loved this one

‘ a man who opens a school, closes a prison’ – Victor Hugo

The author then gives an analysis of the traits similar to most legends as the conclusion.

I enjoyed this book. The book doesn’t burden you with facts, and the author has picked quite interesting bits of the subjects to speak about.

I’d rate the book a 3/5!


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