Book Review: Lilac Mills’ “Elephant and Pinky Moon’

Hi Everyone!
I’m back home from uni for a couple of days and couldn’t be any happier. Currently snuggled up in bed alongside my parents.

 This week, I read Lilac Mills ‘Elephant and Pinky Moon’ and here’s my review of it!
The story revolves around the relationship between the protagonist and her grandmother. The grandmother, Flossie is a hearty woman in her eighties, to whom age is merely a number. She tricks her granddaughter, Nina to go on a trip with her, attempting to take her to Happy-ville. Nina, in her late twenties is a sombre individual, with an almost non-existent social life. Her life is far from lively, and this is what Flossie intends to change. 

They take on a trip to Turkey, checking in to a rather interesting hotel, not made for either of their age groups. Although Flossie became an instant hit, with her bold actions and witty come-backs, Nina never felt more embarrassed. Flossie, with her fluorescent bikinis, her diet comprising mostly of alcohol, and being an unwanted and unappreciated wing woman to an embarrassed Nina, was having the time of her life. 

As her vacation unravels, Nina realizes how her Grandmother had impacted her. In the span of a week, she had participated in activities that she’d never imagined doing and had met her special someone. She was actually enjoying her time in Turkey!
However, a tragedy strikes and things start toppling. 
This book is a fun and easy read. The book with its quirkiness, and with a plot revolving around a special bond such as this, is sure to touch your heart. Although I was quite interested in the first half of the book, the second half turned out to be predictable for me. The book was well written otherwise and is sure to make you reflect on your times with your grandmother. I love old people, and this book wonderfully captures their freeborn attitudes. They’re no longer held captive by judgements or criticisms, as they come into their last phase and long to make the most of the moments they have. 

A good book, overall!
I’d rate this book a 3 on 5! 


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