Tag: 5 Things I love about my life 

Currently in my Organizational Behaviour and Development class. We were discussing about Decision Making in organizations before I drifted off into my thoughts. Yesterday, 20th March, 2017 was International Day for Happiness. It’s wonderful that there’s a day celebrating happiness, promoting positivity and self love. Not a lot of us understand how essential such initiatives are. Happiness isn’t a gift received by all. Some of us face acute anxiety issues. Some of us are battling suicidal thoughts. Some of us have constant breakdowns. And it’s saddening that these sentiments are on the rise. 
On this occasion, I’m going to do my part and spread positivity and self-love. Here’s a tag that I’m creating to promote self-love. It’s the “5 things I love about my life”. I hope it helps you realize and focus on the happier parts of life 
Here’s mine! 
1. I am grateful for such an amazing and a supportive family 
2. I love the fact that I’m a law student 
3. I love that I always make time for myself
4. I’m grateful for the love from my friends 
5. I love the fact that I’m brutally honest and loyal. 

I tag all of you to go ahead and do the same! 

No effort, no matter how small goes wasted. Your efforts could save lives. 
I encourage all of you, to take steps to make the world a happier and a more supportive place to be in. 

Lots and lots of love,


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