Product Review: Kaya Skin Care

My skin type is a combination of super dry on certain areas of my face and normal on the rest of my face. Not dry, super dry. So dry, that I get white flakes on my eyelids and under my nose if I don’t use a moisturizer a couple of times a day. And that’s not something i’d want, considering I’m a college student.

I was prescribed the Kaya Skin Care Purifying Nourisher and the Overnight Regenerating Nourisher, as a solution.

I’ve been using it for around 3 months now, and here’s my review.
Can we please take a moment and appreciate the containers?  They are by far the prettiest skin care products I own. 

I apply the Purifying Nourisher after a bath in the morning, and sometimes on my cleansed face around 5 pm before class. 

It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and fresh. It’s very light on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy at all. 

And no, it doesn’t look like you’ve dipped yourself in oil. That’s what quite a few of the moisturizers assist in. 
I apply the Overnight Regenerating Nourisher before bed and this has worked wonders as well! You wake up to nourished and pampered skin. Again, not heavy on the skin at all. It gives you a healthy glow and cools your skin. Loving the product!
My skin problem has vanished almost completely now,and it’s been only almost 3 months. Definitely one of my must-have products at the moment. 

If any of you face similar issues do give this a shot and let me know what you think of it!
Also, I’m collaborating with a lovely blogger for my next post. Watch out!
Lots and lots of love, 



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